Supervisory Committee Member Position

Job Description

Position Title: Supervisory Committee Member (elected position)
Reports To: General Membership and the Board of Directors
Works With: Executive Management and Staff
Primary Duties and Responsibilities:

The basic role of the Supervisory Committee is to be a representative of the membership, or “watchdog”, responsible for reviewing the activities of the Board, management and staff to assure the following:  complete and accurate financial records are prepared; internal controls, policies and procedures are maintained and followed as determined by NCUA regulations; appropriate safeguards are in place to protect the credit union’s assets; and that the Board and management make decisions and take actions that are consistent with the best interests of the general membership.

Specific Duties and Responsibilities:
1. Make, or cause to be made, annual audits in accordance with regulatory requirements.
2. Verify that complete and accurate financial records are prepared in a timely manner.
3. Confirm that appropriate internal controls are developed, implemented and consistently followed in accordance with credit union policies and procedures.
4. Evaluate whether Board decisions are consistent with the established strategic business plan, missions, and values; and that they are in compliance with applicable laws.
5. Attend and actively participate in the Supervisory Committee meetings.
6. Attend monthly and special Board meetings.


Available Terms:

  • One – 3 year term on Supervisory Committee
  • One – 2 year unexpired term on Supervisory Committee
  • One – 1 year unexpired term on Supervisory Committee

Deadline: Feb 9th, 2019

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